Start Your Own Profitable Home-based Import/Export Now

About the Course

I designed “The Import/Export Marketing Manual” to help those among you who fit any of the following descriptions:

  • You prefer to keep your present job for the time being, so you can continue to buy food and clothing, pay the rent, and take care of other necessities. But you need to earn more.
  • You have been looking for ways to convert your idle time into extra dollars.
  • You find you must stay at home; you would like to bring additional income into your household
  • Although retired, you know you must earn more money so that you can pay for an occasional vacation, a new car, or some other luxury.
  • You have the courage and initiative to dream about starting a business of your own, even though you are not sure of the type of business to go into.
  • You have not enough capital to warrant investing in machinery and a plant, or a new store.
  • You want to know more about the potential of the Import/Export enterprise.

From the outset, my intent was to write a complete, practical, and easy-to-follow postal course for starting and running a successful Import/Export operation.

I planned to remove much of the mystery that seems to surround this field and to expose those secrets of the trade that are presumed to be known to only a few.

The Import/Export business does have attractive features. Some of them are unique.

For example, there is no need to commit yourself at the outset to renting business premises.

Nor do you have to shelve your present job.

Moreover, you can launch your own business with a much smaller investment than is typically required for other types of enterprise.

You can earn an excellent full-time livelihood in this growing industry. You may even succeed in making a lot of money, many people do. However, perhaps the most rewarding payoff in this business is the fun and excitement you will enjoy all along the way.

Read this postal course carefully. Start at the beginning and work through to the end. do not skip sections of it, and do not dip into it here and there.

Having read through the course once, go back and re-read carefully any part of it which was not thoroughly clear when you first read it. As you go through the course this second time, make notes on anything that is not clear to you.

When you feel quite conversant with the content of the course, start to plan your own Import/Export business.

Treat your copy of the course with care. Remember it is not merely a primer on Import/Export procedures. It also contains a wealth of valuable names and addresses, and many step-by-step explanations which raise it to the status of a work of reference which you will have at your side and continue to use for a very long time.

Put them to use. Only you can make this course serve you.

Make sure it does. It offers a happy, profitable Import/Export operation.

All the best,



The Manual has been designed to equip you with all of the practical skills required for your business success - it takes you through every aspect of the business. Purchase this Manual to discover the simple ways to start and where to obtain your products, through to the techniques that make the opportunities that exist in this industry so unique.